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Here are five ways you can source unlimited ideas and topics.

How to Find Content Creation Ideas Like a Pro
Source: Khoa Võ from Pexels

As content creators like writers, bloggers, YouTubers, and TikTok stars, we constantly need new topics and ideas to fuel our content creation. It is pretty easy to think of ideas initially but it is getting more challenging if you have covered many topics before.

1) Google Trend

Based on StatCounter in July 2021, Google owns the most search engine market share worldwide at 91.86 percent. I often do keyword research on Google Trend to find a topic that is currently trending and viral.

For example, say you want to create a YouTube about earning money, you can visit the Google Trend website, enter…

The programming languages that could dictate the world in the coming years

Programming Books. Source: NeONBRAND from Unsplash

After hustling in the tech market for over ten years, I see massive potential in the following three programming languages (or frameworks).

1. Unity (C#)

“More than half of the games in the world is built on Unity.” — John Riccitiello (Unity CEO)

Yes, not only the games that we always see, Unity is the leading platform in the world to create interactive, 3D, and real-time content such as:

  • Games (Android, iOS, PC, Nintendo, PlayStation)
  • Interactive experiences (Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality)
  • Automotive and transportation (ultra-realistic for vehicle parts and design)
  • Manufacturing (robotic simulation)
  • Film, animation, and cinematics (Real-time movie rendering)
  • Architecture, engineering…

Struggles and pains that programmers endure day and night chasing dateline, hustle in the dark & sleepless deployment.

Programmer coding day and night chasing dateline.

Fresh graduate programmers’ $100,607 base salary in the United States? (Equivalent to RM415,859, not here though in Malaysia, will explain why in my upcoming article) Yeah, it might be on the higher side for a fresh graduate, but programmers' responsibilities are as mighty as a doctor's.

Procrastination, the evil habit every programmer wanted to get rid of.

Young man procrastinates, covered in sticky notes, work overload.
Young man procrastinates, covered in sticky notes, work overload. Source: Unsplash Luis Villasmil

As a programmer, we often find ourselves wandering around the internet, from social media to YouTube to some unrelated stuff like reading a random tech article, surfing endlessly on Amazon and Shopee, Googling weird stuff, etc.

Procrastination usually happens due to:

  • Perfectionism — You afraid to code because you keep on planning to make sure it will be perfect during execution.
  • DisorientationToo many things, too little time. Programmers often lose focus because there are a thousand things to take note of during coding.
  • Heedlessness — Unconsciously putting attention, mind, and focus into auto-drive mode.
  • Short-term Pleasure — Searching for…

Programming is more exciting and fun with you onboard.

A group of gender diversed team in programming and tech.
Source: cottonbro from Pexels

Call for women programmers from all over the world. We need you in programming! The journey of programming is more exciting and fun with you onboard.

In the last few decades, many of the jobs in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) have opened up to women. But something is holding them back. The “pipeline problem” is real.

It’s not just that there are fewer women than men in these positions; it’s that there are fewer than there should be at any given time because of the drop-off in interest for programming careers.

In Europe, less than 7% of…

The journey of 3650 days with struggle, pain, blood, sweat, and tears.

Source: Pexels by Snapwire

This year marks the tenth anniversary of my journey as an entrepreneur in digital business. My company is focusing on helping startups to digitalize their business process to be competitive globally.

Building a business from scratch is not easy. We are often too optimistic about how fast and easy a company could bring us to the ultimate success. The truth is, it takes perseverance, time, unconditional hard work, and sacrifice. Only an entrepreneur can relate the true meaning of the entrepreneurship journey.

There are at least 100 lessons learned throughout the years, and I have picked the top 10 lessons…

Tactile satisfaction, addictive ASMR “clacking” sound on every keypress.

Keychron K2 mechanical keyboard, work-from-home setup.
Keychron K2 mechanical keyboard. Source: Linda Nguyen on Unsplash

Working from home has become a norm since the pandemic in March 2020. Everyone tends to bring home the laptop and even the desktop from the office to work in the comfort of home, with the common goal of avoid spreading COVID-19 to others.

Before I show you the list, let us discuss why to splurge on a mechanical keyboard and which switches you should get.

Effective placebo

Using a mechanical keyboard gives your brain endorphins because the typing sound relaxes your mind.

It is both audible and tactile. Your fingers will feel good simply touching and typing on a mechanical keyboard…

Should you join a large company or a small company before 30 years old?

Successful multiethnic business colleagues in modern small company.
Source: Alexander Suhorucov from Pexels

I know it is very tempting to join a large company (more than 1000 employees) like Alphabet, Alibaba, Amazon, Apple, Dell, Facebook, Ford, Huawei, Microsoft, Toyota, and Verizon. The fame, money, and perks offered by those companies are very attractive, and the sense of commitment to a huge company’s greater cause feels enthusiastic.

Riding on $2.4 trillion SaaS — “software as a service” boom, the future of tech businesses.

Source: Mimi Thian on Unsplash

Since the pandemic began in March 2020, SaaS companies' growth represented by the BVP Nasdaq Emerging Cloud Index consists of 57 top publicly traded cloud SaaS companies have raised more than 200%. The combined market capitalization is hovering at $2.4 Trillion at the time of writing.

What is SaaS?

SaaS is a method of software delivery that allows data to be accessed from any device with an internet connection and a web browser. — Software Advice

Be it a company or an individual, software as a service (SaaS) is one of the necessary tools that everyone would like to subscribe…

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