10 actions you can take to level up yourselves as a 5% top paying programmer that industries want and triple your current pay.

How to Triple X3 Your Pay as a Programmer banner
How to Triple X3 Your Pay as a Programmer banner
How to Triple X3 Your Pay as a Programmer banner. Source: Pexel

Since 2015, programmers related positions are starting to be a famous career that everyone is talking about. With the rapid advancement of technology, this career path is already like a norm in society. Therefore, how do you stay competitive and become the top 5% paying programmers in your country?

After an enormous amount of time in the IT industry, especially on the technical side, I have realized 10 must-do for a programmer to upgrade themselves and, of course, increase their market pay rate.

  1. Develop something that able to automated and reduce manual work.
    For example, one of my colleagues did a…

Amazon, Taobao, Lazada, Shopee, JD.com & Tokopedia, want you to use their mobile apps. Here is why.

A lady doing online shopping on her phone.
A lady doing online shopping on her phone.
Lady doing shopping. Source: Pexels

“Download our app now and get 15% off shopping in mobile app!”

Familiar with this promotion campaign from an online shopping platform? Should saw it quite often as it is one of the e-commerce giant main goals to convert you from a casual shopper on their website to a shopper who uses the mobile version instead.

There are 2.87 million mobile apps for download worldwide. Normally a user will have around 80 apps on their phone.

The ultimate question is why do the e-commerce marketplace giants build and favor an app instead of using just a website?

1) You are 108% more likely to purchase something through the mobile app

At least in…

Disney+ is coming into Malaysia on 1st June. Most of you already subscribed to Netflix before this. Should you unsubscribe from Netflix and opt for Disney+ instead?

Netflix VS Disney+

Well, let’s go through the comparison summary below:

1) Movies / Content

Disney+ has a total of 7,500 shows. More of family-friendly movies and Disney Originals shows like:
• Classic Animated Films (Toy Story, Tarzan, Mulan, Cinderella, Winnie The Pooh, Alice in Wonderland, Lion King)
• Marvels Super Heroes
• Pixar Movies
• All Star Wars movies
• Malaysian Local movies (Ejen Ali, KL Special Force, Zombitopia)
• Disney Originals
• Live-Action Movies
• Documentaries (National Geographic division)
Click here for the full movies and series list in Disney+.

Netflix has a total of 15,000 shows. It covers a wider range of content for…

Struggles and pains that programmers endure day and night chasing dateline, hustle in the dark & sleepless deployment.

Programmer coding day and night chasing dateline.

Fresh graduate programmers’ $100,607 base salary in the United States? (Equivalent to RM415,859, not here though in Malaysia, will explain why in my upcoming article) Yeah, it might be on the higher side for a fresh graduate, but programmers' responsibilities are as mighty as a doctor's.

After 30 years living in Malaysia, I’m sure prior to this moment, everyone had tried to use any of the Malaysia government website before. The ups and downs while using any of the site, only real Malaysian knew.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=10159523127564433&set=gm.5501710063233951

Reason 1 — Cheap Hosting

A comprehensive list of Linux, Laravel, NPM & VIM commands cheat sheet, shortcut and tips to speed up DevOps, server engineer and backend developers server development.

DevOps Cheat Sheet

Do you find it hard to remember all the commands in Linux, for Node.js, Laravel, NPM, Apache, Bitnami, MySQL, Cronjob, Supervisor, Websocket, VIM editor, SSL, GCP and COMPOSER? Here is the master list of all possible frequent usage of commands in my DevOps operation throughout the decade.

Directory Operations

  • pwd (Show current directory)
  • mkdir my_folder (Create a new directory)
  • mkdir -p example/myfolder/new (Create a nested directory)
  • cd my_folder (Navigate to my_folder)
  • cd example/myfolder/new (Navigate to example/myfolder/new folder)
  • cd .. (Navigate go up a directory)
  • ls -a (List files, -a all files including hidden files. Files like .env and .htaccess always hidden. …

Eddy Goh

Being hustling in IT field since 2008. Leading several projects involving mobile apps, games, system and 3D gamification development.

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