+99 Linux, Laravel, NPM & VIM Commands Cheat Sheet For DevOps

A comprehensive list of Linux, Laravel, NPM & VIM commands cheat sheet, shortcut and tips to speed up DevOps, server engineer and backend developers server development.

DevOps Cheat Sheet

Directory Operations

File Operations

Bitnami Apache Operations

Permission for Laravel folder (Permission denied “…/storage/logs/laravel.log could not be opened”)

Bitnami LAMP Stack (To solve permission issue in Bitnami)

NGINX LEMP Stack (To solve permission issue in NGINX)

SSL Related

Cron Job Related

Google Cloud Platform Resize Server Disk Operation

Laravel Essential Cheat Sheet

Laravel Web Socket BeyondCo

VIM Text Editor Shortcut

LINUX FOLDER SHORTCUT (Direct access particular path with a shortcut)

Location of BITNAMI LAMP Stack configuration for web project path

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