3 Reasons to Join A Smaller Company If You Are In Your 20s

Should you join a large company or a small company before 30 years old?

Eddy Goh
5 min readAug 30, 2021


Successful multiethnic business colleagues in modern small company.
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I know it is very tempting to join a large company (more than 1000 employees) like Alphabet, Alibaba, Amazon, Apple, Dell, Facebook, Ford, Huawei, Microsoft, Toyota, and Verizon. The fame, money, and perks offered by those companies are very attractive, and the sense of commitment to a huge company’s greater cause feels enthusiastic.

Age vs. advice by Jack Ma. Source: Pymnts

“Before 30 years old, follow somebody, go to a small company, normally a big company is good to learn processes, you are a part of a big machine. But when you go to a small company, you learn the passion, you learn the dreams, you learn how to do a lot of things in one time.” — Jack Ma (Founder of Alibaba Group)

If you are below 30 years old, Jack Ma recommends joining a smaller company (below 50 employees) to learn the passion and dreams of the founders and learn to execute multiple tasks simultaneously. However, apart from finding a smaller company, he also suggests focusing on finding a good leader because they will guide you throughout your career and helps to unlock your true potential.

Now, let’s look at some of the reasons why you should join a small company before 30 years old:

1) Accumulate a substantial amount of experience in a short time.

Since the number of employees in a smaller company is less than 50, the number of layers in the organization structure should be less than two. Most of the time, you will be reporting directly to the top leaders and will be treated as one of the key people in the company.

Wearing many different hats at the same time in such a company is quite normal. The job scope is usually broad, and you have to cover a variety of work.



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